1.            All our invoices are payable at Antwerp, unless agreed otherwise.

2.            Possible complains concerning the invoice has to reach us within eight days registered.

3.            The inspection of the invoice is considered as acceptation of the general conditions.

4.            In case of non-payment there will be without any warning an interest applicable and equal on the rate of interest of the statement of credit, increased with 2% and a minimum of 13%.  The period on which the interest is due to, starts on the due date of the invoice to end on the day the payment is received.

5.            If one or more payments won’t be regular after a period of eight days after sending a plain written dunletter, we shall have the right on a claim which will increase the amount with 15% and a minimum of 62,00€.

6.            The Antwerp court of justice is competent at eventual dispute.

7.            The consignment of the goods is at risk of the buyer, even if delivery is Franco.

8.            The goods stay property of the seller till receipt of the full payment.